Oologah Lake Blue Catfish 11/1/14

Shallow Water Fishing on Oologah Lake in Oklahoma for Blue Catfish with Lance’s Guide Service

Today, I had Joe and his buddies for a fall shallow water catfish trip.  The blue catfish were active and hungry giving these guys a great time on Oologah Lake.  The fish were relating to shallow water windblown flats.  The bite was aggressive on fresh cut gizzard shad.  All fish were caught in less than 8ft of water with most in 2-4 feet.  We were using the dropper rig with 5/0 Team Catfish Double Action hooks.

Shallow Water Blue Catfish Oologah Lake

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Skiatook Lake Hybrid Striper and White Bass 10/19/14

Skiatook Lake Hybrid Striper and White Bass

All fish were caught on downlines in 21-36ft of water on the edge of a drop off.  Small live gizzard shad equaled smaller fish, but if I dropped down a large shad it was time for a big hybrid.  Unfortunately, I only had about a dozen good 6+ inch shad, but it sure was fun with my kids while it lasted!!!

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been able to be on the water because of my other job. It was really nice to get out and enjoy some family time! We kept the gut hooked ones for dinner later this week.

Skiatook Hybrid Striper Skiatook Hybrid Striper

Grand Lake White Bass 7/28/14

Grand Lake White Bass

I had the privilege of taking the Fiddler’s and several of my baseball players to Grand Lake for some summer fun catching white bass and tubing.  We started out catching white bass in a known schooling area.  They weren’t hitting on top, but we were able to find them using our electronics and drop slabs down and catch a good amount.  When they vanished, we went out to the mainlake to drag the guys on the tube.  Sure was fun kicking them out sideways over a big wake, lol!!!

After they got worn out on the tube we decided to hit some windblown areas and troll for white bass picking up scattered fish to end a fun day.

White Bass at Grand Lake Oklahoma White Bass at Grand Lake Oklahoma White Bass at Grand Lake Oklahoma White Bass at Grand Lake Oklahoma

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish 7/11/14

Oologah Blue Catfish

I had the privilege of having the Berlin’s out for a morning of catching shallow water blue catfish on Oologah Lake in Oklahoma.  The wind was blowing 10-20mph out of the south, which made for a good shallow water bite on fresh cut gizzard shad.  We managed to get a good box of 2-10 pounders for them some dinners and a good male coming back from the spawn.  His body was a mangled skinny mess, but put up a pretty good fight!

Oologah blue catfish

Skiatook Lake Hybrid Striper 6/19/14

Skiatook Lake Hybrid Striper

It rained most of the trip today, but man did that turn on the hybrid striper bite!!!  Most were caught on live gizzard shad on downlines and a few on freelines in 20-29ft of water on a channel edge.  When a school would come through it was FISH ON and hard pull downs making it difficult to get the rod out of the rod holder.  We only had to dodge lightning once and when we came back to the area the fish were still there ready to eat.

Hybrid Striper aka Wiper Skiatook Oklahoma Skiatook Hybrid Striper

Eagle Mountain White Bass 5/7/10

Fished with first time guests Dwight, David and Sam this morning on Eagle Mountain.  The bite was odd and the weather was even more strange to start the day with the wind changing a dozen times from the north to the south over and over and a crazy dark clouded fog rolled over.  The fish were just gill slapping the bait and not eating well until the wind finally made it’s mind up and stayed from the NW.  We had 50 fish on the clicker at 10am and decided to try a spot out  of the gusting wind, but didn’t find any fish.  So, we decided to head for a ridge and battle the wind and we were all glad we did. It took 20 minutes to complete their limits and then we started fun fishing.  Had a little competition going and ended the day with a little over 200 fish caught.  The last hour of the trip was the fastest bite of the year.  Man, I am tired from running the trolling motor in that wind.  Great day on the water and had an absolute blast fishing with these guys.  Hope to do it again soon.Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass Hybrid Striper Eagle Mountain White Bass

Grapevine Lake White Bass 5/4/10

Grapevine Lake White Bass

Fished a corporate trip today on Grapevine.  Had to guys from China who had never been fishing before and had no idea what to expect.  They were a riot to have on the boat.  One of them caught 3 doubles in a row and did a nice dance and kissed his fish.  Caught them in 20-24 ft on windblown rocky shoreline.  Found them on the graph and they stayed put all day long.  We left when the bite slowed at one point, but after not finding more fish came back.  It was fish on again! Had a great time watching these two guys catch their first fish ever.  They kept taking pics with their phone and sending them to all their friends.  They said this was their best afternoon in years.

Grapevine Lake White Bass Grapevine Lake White Bass Grapevine Lake White Bass