Fishing For Blue Catfish on Grand Lake 10/4/15

Fishing for Blue Catfish on Grand Lake using fresh gizzard shad drifting flats 12-28ft deep.  I had Doug and Tom Winter plus Tom’s granddaughter Jamie for her first time catching blue catfish.  Tom and Doug joined me last spring for a catfish trip along with Tom’s son, Zach from Alaska.  The bite started out slow when we anchored on some fish on a windblown point.  We caught a couple including a nice six pounder to get Doug on the leader board, but most of our baits stolen from small fish.  We aborted that area and went to a long flat and drifted it.  Actually, we went dragging baits with the trolling motor going .5-.7mph.  The bite wasn’t fast and furious, but we managed a nice mess of fish for them to take back to their family in Alaska.  Tom wanted Jamie to pose for a good old fashion stringer picture!!!

I also had the opportunity to go out this morning for a couple of hours and found crappie on wood 8-14ft deep.  Crappie Kickers and Bubble Gum spray from Fle-Fly was the ticket.  A couple gave the classic thump, but others I would just see the line move a little letting me know a crappie had the lure in his mouth.  Yellow line really makes it easier to see the light bite.

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Grand Lake Blue Catfish

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