Fishing Gear We Trust and Use Daily

Catfish Gear

Rods -Whisker Seeker Tackle 7.5 Casting Rods

Reels – Abu Garcia 6500

Hooks – Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat

Line – Whisker Seeker Tackle 30lb monofilament and 50lb Ande leader

Whisker Seeker Tackle Lockjaws Catfish Grips

Weights – 3 ounce for anchor fishing, and 1-3oz slinky weights for drifting/dragging

Crappie Gear

Jig Heads – Fle-Fly Pro Series Jig Head 1/16-1/4 ounce 

Casting Jigs Plastic – Fle-Fly Go Go Minnow for cast and drag 

Vertical Jigs Plastic – Fle-Fly Crappie Kickers for vertical presentation

Casting/Vertical Hair Jig – Fle-Fly Lead Free Jigs

Crappie Gauge

Lure Flavor – Fle-Fly Lure Flavor Attractant 

Rods – ProAngler 8ft jigging 6.5 for casting

White Bass / Sand Bass

Slabs – Ole Ugly Slabs

Flies – Ole Ugly Flies

Casting / Deadstick Hair Jigs – Fle-Fly Lead Free Jigs

Line – 20 pound braid and 12 pound fluorocarbon leader

Top Water Action Lures – Fle-Fly Go Go Minnow and Pop-R

Spoonbill / Paddlefish

Hooks – Spoonbill King Barbless Treble Hooks

Line – 80 pound Slick 8 PowerPro 

Reels – Okuma Coldwater LineCounter

Rods – Team Catfish 8ft Xtra Heavy Catfish Warrior  trolling;  ProAngler 10ft Heavy Spinning  jerking; 8ft Meat Hunter

Dipsy Divers by Luhr-Jensen

Striper / Stiper-Hybrids

Rods – Ugly Stik 7ft Medium GX2 Casting

Reels – Abu Garcia Ambassador C3 5500

Line – 20 pound PowerPro braid and 15-20 pound mono leader


Lowrance – Currently using HDS Gen 3 12, Elite TI 12, Elite TI 9, Sonic Hub

Rod Holders

Monster Rod Holders

Trolling Motor

MotorGuide XI5


SeaArk ProCat 240

Bait Tanks

Grayline Bait Tanks