Keystone Lake Striper and White Bass – 5/21/16

Keystone Lake Striper and White Bass

I had the pleasure of taking out the Reavis guys on Keystone Lake this morning. The action was fast and furious for the first hour and a half and then flat lined with the fish vanishing despite our efforts to find their new location…typical full moon bite unfortunately.
We managed a nice mess of white bass, striper, and blue catfish for them a family dinner. It was good to see you guys and catch up.

Striper were caught on downlines in 20-26ft of water and white bass were caught on slabs and fly combo’s in 10-18ft of water.

Keystone Lake White Bass and Striper

White Bass on Grand Lake in Oklahoma – 5/13,14,16/16

White Bass on Grand Lake in Oklahoma

The white bass are back  from the spawn and on their annual feeding on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.

Friday morning, I loaded up the boat with Chris Day and his family for a morning of catching white bass and crappie.  The white bass were in a feeding frenzy right off the bat and we filled the cooler!  They were catching them as fast as I could take their fish off and get them in the cooler.  The feeding frenzy lasted for about an hour and then the bite slowly trickled off.  We caught them on a point in 8-14ft of water on slabs and flies.  Color didn’t seem to matter one bit.

Grand Lake White Bass Sand Bass Grand Lake White Bass Sand Bass Grand Lake crappie

Next, we decided to see if any crappie were feeding in a few brush piles.  We checked 2 and nothing showed up on the graph.  Our third pile showed a few hanging out and we got two bites, catching one good keeper.  We checked several other piles and didn’t really find what we were looking for so we went back and caught a few more white bass before calling it a day.  Great day on the water and some kids are now hooked on fishing.

Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of having David Pease’s son and son in law for a morning catching white bass on Grand Lake.  Wow, the weather drastically cooled off and it was a tad chilly this morning.  Our first stop only produced a few fish.  The graph was full of fish, but they just wouldn’t stay active and feed the way we wanted them to.  Off to a different area and we found a great school that was more then willing to feed.  We filled their limits in a hurry and caught and released many more.  Fun times with a great group of guys on Grand Lake!

Grand Lake White Bass Sand Bass

After cleaning fish and a pit stop to eat lunch with my wife and kids, I went and picked up Eric and his three girls.  The goal was to get them hooked on fishing…goal achieved.  They weren’t to sure about going fishing, but a couple of hours into it and they were asking when we could do this again making for a happy dad and happy fishing guide.  They reeled in every single fish while laughing and giggling.  It’s always a treat to get youngsters making positive memories in our great outdoors.

Grand Lake White Bass Sand Bass

I took Sunday morning off to get things cleaned up around the cabin and spend some much needed time with my wife and kids.

Monday morning, I woke up to pouring down rain and high winds.  A group of veterans from The Fallen Outdoors were on their way for a morning of catching white bass on Grand Lake and the weather was not looking good.  I suggested we wait an hour and see what the weather looks like at that point.  Well, it didn’t look like anything was going to change, so I ran out and put up the top and got the rain suits out.

We were able to stay fairly dry and have a blast catching Grand Lake white bass with the top up.  It was an honor donate a trip to take out these veterans and share a great morning of catching.  I look forward to our next trip guys!

Grand Lake White Bass Sand Bass Grand Lake White Bass Sand Bass

All white bass were caught on slabs and flies/jigs.  White, chartreuse, silver, it just didn’t really seem to matter.  We caught fish in 3 completely different areas each day using the Lowrance to locate big schools of feeding white bass.  I only saw a couple bust the surface, but the real frenzy was under the surface.  Grand Lake white bass action is busting wide open and the frenzy will continue as long as our water stays clear.