Eagle Mountain White Bass 4/25/10

Eagle Mountain White Bass

Started the morning off with a photo shoot for Blitz Weekly Magazine from 7-7:45.  Picked up Mary Ann and her family at Harbor One around 8am.  Only 3 of the 4 had ever fished before, so we did a quick lesson on how a reel works and presentation.  Got out of the marina and we the wind had picked way up and coming directly out of the west, which is the worst on EM.  Decided to hit a main lake point and it was on for about an hour… battling the wind, fish, tangles, and the trolling motor!  The young lady that did not want to go on the trip caught about half of the fish today and I think she decided fishing was okay at least.  After the bite died down we battled the wind to a main lake hump and caught a few more before they decided a nice lunch out of the wind sounded good.  Had a great time and hope to take them out again in the future.

Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass

Grapevine Lake 4/24/10

Took my father and Ben to Grapevine today for a relaxing morning on the lake.  Checked a few spots not marking much, so we headed to the island and found a few birds working.  Caught about 30 the drop off from 18-26ft of water on Ol’ Uglies and Yarn Flies.  Saw Omar Cotter from Luck of the Irish Guide service with some happy customers.  It was a very windy morning so we only fished for a couple of hours and called it a day.  It was nice to hang out with my dad and good friend Ben.  Today was more about the company than the fishing.

White Bass Eagle Mountain Lake 4/17/10

Took 3 guests today on a teaching trip for sand bass.  Started the day going over all the basics on patterns and techniques.  Decided to catch a few fish on a ridge in 24ft of water.  Caught about 40 and they vanished.  Tried to relocate them, but the one’s we found down a ways wouldn’t open their mouths.  Oh did I mention it was pouring the entire time!
We next went to some humps and once again they liked it at 24ft and caught some more fish there.  Decided to show them some other areas and found fish a little deeper at 29ft.  Ended the day somewhere around the 80 to 90 range.  Water temp was around 67 and did I mentioned it poured all day!  The fish did seem to like the radiator slab the most.  I didn’t take too many pics because of the rain and no video today.  Had a blast with these guys and look forward to fishing with them again.

Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass

Eagle Mountain White Bass 4/16/10

Eagle Mountain White Bass

Fished 4 new guests today starting at 8:00.  Before I picked them up I decided to play a little and caught some fish blowing up shad just outside of Lakeview.  After picking them up we headed south skipping the boat shows and birds to look for fish on some other areas.  Marked lots of fish, but couldn’t buy a bite so we headed back to the schooling fish and picked up around 50 there.  Then we headed to some humps and nailed them there until they vanished.  Headed back to our first spot where I marked the fish and a boat show was there and a few fish.  The big key for the day was 24 ft of water.  We caught almost every fish out of the100ish fish at that exact depth.  A few fish are still spawning, but most are feeding heavy.  Water temp was 66-68.  The fish scattered at 10:00 and we had to work for bites.  A beautiful day on the water with temps in the 70’s, SE wind 5-10 and cloudy with sprinkles off and on.

Eagle Mountain White Bass

Eagle Mountain White Bass 4/3/10

The fish are back finally! Mark, Ricky, and Devin joined me on a beautiful spring morning for his late Christmas present. Started out the day with a sextuple and it was fish on for the rest of the morning.

Eagle Mountain White Bass

The fish were not grouped tightly this morning but were active and consistent. Caught fish in 22-36ft of water all on the old man’s slabs (Ol’ Ugly) and flies. Color did matter this morning and they wanted white or chartruese. The 3 of them ended the day around 120 and Devin with a nice flathead.

Everyone in the mini boat show played nice this morning and the fish bit well until the wind changed from the NW to the South. Luckily it waited until the guys were tired of catching and were ready for lunch.

2nd Shift:
Gene, Hayden, and Hannah joined me for the afternoon trip starting at 2:00 and the wind was blowing pretty good. Got out to the area I had left them in the morning and the sailboats and tubers were all out enjoying the spring weather. I threw a marker and got a rod to demonstrate and it was fish on from there. They caught 90+ fish in three hours and decided to call it a day so they could watch some basketball. The fish were much more stacked up in 30-38ft of water. Cleaned some for them and they had already spawned.

Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass

The fishing will be like this for the next several months…FINALLY! Water temp was 58-63 degrees today.