Single Species

4 hour trip – $450 for 1 – 2 anglers and $100 for each additional angler

6 hour trip – $650 for 1-2 anglers and $100 for each additional angler

Species and Lakes

Spoonbill Paddlefish Kaw, Oologah, Keystone, and Fort Gibson Lakes

Crappie- Oologah, Grand, and Kaw Lakes

White Bass Sand Bass- Oologah, Kaw, Fort Gibson, and Keystone Lakes

Striper and Hybrid Stripers – Oologah, Kaw, Keystone, and Skiatook Lakes

 Catfish- Oologah, Keystone, Kaw, and Grand Lakes (All blue catfish over 30″ will be CPR’d – caught, photographed and released to preserve our trophy catfish population.)

Combo/Multispecies Trips

 6-7 hour trip – $650 for 1-2 anglers and $150 each additional angler 

Multispecies trip availability will depend on species desired, lake, time of year, etc.  Examples: Spoonbill and white bass during the spawn, crappie and white bass in the summer, spoonbill and catfish in the winter.

Number of Anglers

Lance can accommodate up to 6-8-anglers per boat. Dominic and Brand can accommodate 5-6 anglers per boat.  We operate 3 boats full time and have other guides that can assist with larger groups as needed.