Eagle Mountain White Bass 4/25/10

Eagle Mountain White Bass

Started the morning off with a photo shoot for Blitz Weekly Magazine from 7-7:45.  Picked up Mary Ann and her family at Harbor One around 8am.  Only 3 of the 4 had ever fished before, so we did a quick lesson on how a reel works and presentation.  Got out of the marina and we the wind had picked way up and coming directly out of the west, which is the worst on EM.  Decided to hit a main lake point and it was on for about an hour… battling the wind, fish, tangles, and the trolling motor!  The young lady that did not want to go on the trip caught about half of the fish today and I think she decided fishing was okay at least.  After the bite died down we battled the wind to a main lake hump and caught a few more before they decided a nice lunch out of the wind sounded good.  Had a great time and hope to take them out again in the future.

Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass

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