Keystone Lake Blue Catfish – 2/7/16

Keystone Lake in Oklahoma Catching Blue Catfish

Catching shallow water blue catfish on Keystone Lake in Oklahoma with Lauren and her father getting blue catfish slime for her science fair project!

Keystone Lake blue catfish

Lauren is doing research for her science fair project on the properties of catfish slime.  It has been a myth and proven that the belly slime from a blue catfish will lessen the sting and pain from being stuck by a fin and help heal a cut…so why?!?!?!  That is what Lauren is trying to figure out.

We started out the morning catching bait before our customers arrived.  We got there just before sunrise and bait was easy since it was in the upper third of the water column.  After about 5 throws of the net it was time to graph some areas close to the boat ramp and see what is going on.  We found blue catfish and stripers hanging out on the edge of a channel edge feeding on the shad having their morning breakfast.  We went shallow and marked some nice blue catfish in their also.

After picking up Lauren and her father, we took off to see if the blue catfish were feeding shallow.  As soon as we got into water less than 8 feet deep the graph started showing blue catfish on the Lowrance side image.

Keystone Lake blue catfish

We anchored up and it was only a matter of minutes and Lauren and her father had a double on!  We took samples of belly slime from ten blue catfish for research and had a blast doing it!!!

Keystone Lake blue catfish

I love this job!!!

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