Oologah Lake Blue Catfish – 3/17/16

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish

We met our customers for a teaching trip this morning on Oologah Lake for blue catfish.  We quickly caught plenty of good bait in a few throws and were off to learn a little and catch a few.

The weather folks said light wind today, so we wanted to put a few fish in the boat during the sunrise bite and then focus more on learning after that.  We scanned a large area using the Lowrance HDS 12 side scan in water depths from 2-12ft deep and found our best school on a small ditch 6-8ft deep.

It didn’t take long to start putting eating size fish in the boat(under 30inches).  We had seen a few larger fish and put a few big fish baits out…just in case one wanted some breakfast.  About 30 minutes into the trip one of the big fish baited rods slammed down and immediately started peeling drag.  A customer, name won’t be mentioned, picked up the rod and held on as the drag screamed, however it suddenly doubled back and wrapped the line around a stump and the line snapped like a hot knife going through butter.  We did get to see the fish come up on top for just a brief moment as it doubled back to see that it truly was a trophy caliber fish.  Old Mr. Blue catfish won that battle.

The bite slowed and slowed some more as the wind completely stopped.  The rest of the day we focused on techniques, sonar reading, boat control, methods, patterns ect.  Oh, and we did go help a friend that was high centered on a stump.

Good times with good people enjoying a beautiful morning on Oologah Lake.

Oologah Lake blue catfish

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