August 1st, 2015 – Grand Lake Catching Catfish…Blue, Channels, and Flathead

Today, first time guests, Colton Tisdale and his father joined me for a catfish trip on Grand Lake. We started out shallow on anchor and put a couple solid blue catfish in the boat the first minute out there. Then the gar moved in and the bite stopped. We tried dragging a ledge close by and couldn’t get away from the bait stealing gar. Made a run to a flat and got a couple of smaller blues. We decided to make a long run to a different area of the lake. Put the top up and went to dragging. The bite became consistent at the 12-24 depth. They caught the catfish trifecta, blue, channel and a nice flathead. It was a really fun morning on the boat with these two. Cleaned a cooler full for a family dinner.

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