Blue Catfish Kaw Lake – 4/2/16

Blue Catfish Kaw Lake

This morning we had a two boat trip on Kaw Lake catching blue catfish.  We started out with a very cool start and found fish on an 8-10ft flat.  It wasn’t fast and furious, but we put some fish in the boat to get a good start.

We moved up shallow and were rolling big fish.  Anchored up, and only caught a couple for the box.  Moved again, same story.  The big fish just wouldn’t eat!

We made a big move to another area of the lake to see if they were more hungry…nothing, only a couple of gar bites.

So, we headed back to the area we started and went for the stealth mode method.  Trolling motor down, quietly anchor up and throw fresh baits out.  We’d catch a couple each stop and it just kept on this way for the remainder of the evening.  We rolled more fish than I have all spring and the bite just wouldn’t turn on.  Our big fish was about 22 pounds and we had a decent box for them to eat, but man did we have to work for it.

These guys were fun and we’ve got them again in a couple of weeks.  I’m hoping those fish we were rolling decide their hungry!!!blue catfish Kaw Lake blue catfish Kaw Lake blue catfish Kaw Lake blue catfish Kaw Lake

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