Blue Catfish Oologah Lake in Oklahoma – 1/23/16

Fishing for Blue Catfish Oologah Lake in Oklahoma with Lance’s Guide Service

The blue catfish Oologah Lake bite was as light as the wind today on.  The key was finding busted up shad schools with big blue catfish feeding on the shad.  blue catfish Oologah Lake

We fished on anchor today with a gentle southern breeze with air temps below freezing most of the morning.  It wasn’t miserable enough (windy and cold) to really turn on a good bite, but we managed some good fish and plenty for them a fish fry or two. blue catfish Oologah LakeI think we had maybe 2 or 3 good solid bites all day.  The rest were just picking at it and taste testing.  We missed probably 4 to 5 times more fish than we caught.  We cleaned 15 good eating sized blue catfish and released another six trophy size.  Biggest was right at 20 pounds today.  I know we missed several really big fish today.  They take off leaving us with skin peeled off bait, but never got the hook in their mouth.  We could have gone with a stinger hook, but when we do that lots of fish end up with a hook too deep.  We decided not to risk it today to protect our fishery.

blue catfish Oologah Lake blue catfish Oologah Lake

We all had a great time today catching Oologah blue catfish and enjoying the nice weather.  The water temp is down to 37-39 degrees and shad are all over the lake.  Finding busted up bait on your sonar is the key to finding the feeding fish.  I use a Lowrance HDS 12 and Humminbird 1197 to dissect an area and anchor on the feeding blue catfish.  We throw 6 to 12 rods out depending on the situation.  Be sure to watch your line…not all the fish go away from the boat pulling the rod down.  Many blue catfish will pick the bait up and run sideways or towards the boat.  You must reel down as fast as you can on these fish or they will not get hooked.  We are using 8/0 Double Action hooks from Team Catfish.  I’ve been using these hooks for 7 years and absolutely love them.  Not a better catfish hook out there in my opinion.

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