September 1st, 2015 – Fishing for Blue Catfish on Oologah Lake in Oklahoma

I had a group of guys from western Kansas this evening fishing for a blue catfish trip on Oologah Lake in Oklahoma.  We started out dragging at 12-25ft getting tons of bites…nibbles…swim with it taking a taste test, but very few hook ups.  The bite was really soft and some of the fish were good size.  About an hour before dark we decided to hit the shallows, less than 2ft, on a windblown bank.  Hammered some good ones and missed several in the last hour.  The fish in the shallow water were definitely there to get their feed on!!!  We’d see the fish blowing up on top before the seeing the bite on the rod.  This caused my customers to lose several, but they got an adrenaline rush watching the big cats exploding the water!

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