Grand Lake Blue Catfish 10/3/15

Fishing for Blue Catfish on Grand Lake in Oklahoma with Larry, Iris, Sasha, and Jake.  We started out drifting a flat between 20-25ft deep and only getting little bites stripping our baits off.  We searched several other areas not marking much, so we went to a shallow flat with the wind blowing in.  We anchored this time and caught a few fish, but missed many with the light bite.  We downsized our bait and started putting a few more fish in the boat.  Today, was a strange day because blue catfish normally hit really hard and prefer larger baits.  We ended the day with a mess of fish, but had to work harder than usual at getting there.  This was Sasha and Jake’s first catfish trip and they were a lot of fun.

Most of the blue catfish were caught in 8-16ft deep on fresh gizzard shad.  Most of the fish wanted the pieces about the size of a quarter today and the bite was really light.  We had to set the hook most of the time instead of the typical reel down on the rod.  So far, the October weather has been really nice!!!

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Grand Lake Blue Catfish Grand Lake Blue Catfish

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