Grand Lake Blue Catfish Teaching Trip – December 19th, 2015

Grand Lake Blue Catfish Teaching Trip

We did a teaching trip on how to catch blue catfish at Grand Lake in Oklahoma.  We started the day out going over how to throw a cast net for shad and where to throw.  Catching bait was easy, catching the bigger baits that stay on the hook was not so easy.

We spent the majority or our time learning sonar and going over seasonal patterns.  The fish were very scattered and not very active today.  This has been a very unseasonably warm December and the fish have not migrated to wintering areas yet.

We did spend a little time anchored up on a windblown cove catching a few active fish.  This good eating size blue catfish took a bait that he couldn’t quite get fully into his mouth.Grand Lake Blue Catfish on Large head

Next, we spend some time using the MinnKota trolling motor dragging baits through suspended blue catfish.



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