Grand Lake White Bass and Blue Catfish – 3/20/16

Grand Lake White Bass and Blue Catfish

This morning we had a white bass trip on Grand Lake.  We had a very large cold front come through and man it was cold this morning on the river.  We all about froze and the catching was not happening.  We got a couple, but definitely not what we were after.  So, we called an audible…made a coffee and snack run on the way to a different area of the lake to blue catfish.

A quick couple throws of the cast net and we had plenty of big gizzard shad.  We went to see if the shallow bite was good.  After only a couple of fish in about 30 minutes, we decided to go looking in the same area only a little deeper.  We found some good fish just off the second drop out of the shallow area.  Anchored up and bam, the blue catfish rod slam!!!  We stayed there catching fish until the very strong wind switched direction and knocked us off out anchor.

Instead of anchoring, we decided to drag baits down the channel.  We caught a couple more and missed one huge takedown that just didn’t get the bait all the way in it’s mouth leaving the big blue skid marks on the bait.

We finished the day anchored fishing a deep bluff edge.  The blues were on the outside edge of the drop and the channel catfish were on the bluff side.

Good times with good people.


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