Keystone Lake Blue Catfish – 3/8/16

Keystone Lake Blue Catfish

Today, we had the Nelson crew from Nebraska on Keystone Lake catching blue catfish and a couple of bonus stripers.  We started the day out with a quick fish, but then the bite was stone cold as a big front approached.  We made a last move to a different area and found feeding fish catching a couple quickly, but had to get out of there to avoid the lightning and high winds.

After our forced extended lunch break, we went back to the area we found fish just before the storm and they were there!  We anchored up and it was good steady action the rest of the afternoon.  We only moved one time about a 100 yards.  We had one pole lay out with the drag screaming!!!  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the hook in him good and came off…it can be as big as we want it to be now 😉 lol.

Later in the afternoon, we got a few bonus stripers hitting out rods as well.  The fish really became active with the cloud cover after the big storm passed.  These guys were a blast!!!

Keystone Lake blue catfish Keystone Lake blue catfish striper Keystone Lake blue catfish


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