Lake Carl Blackwell Crappie 10/15/15

Lake Carl Blackwell Fishing for Crappie and Hybrid Striper with Friends

We met our best friends and neighbors from college at Lake Carl Blackwell for camping and fishing fun!!!  We got there and Kent and Konya already had the steaks on the grill.  Our kids quickly started playing and we had a relaxing evening catching up.

Friday morning brought on a drastic change in temperatures as a cool front came in.  We bundled the kids up for a little fun on the boat.  We managed to get KK his first hybrid striper quickly on a tailspinner on a very windy point and a couple more white bass.  The kids and wives had enough of the cold wind after about an hour and they wanted to go in, so Kent and I went back out to play the rest of the day.  We never really found a good concentration of willing hybrid striper, so we went to a couple of calmer water brush piles to feel the thump of old mister crappie.  First pile had a couple of small crappie and a keeper.  Our next stop was some old wood and it had what we were looking for, nice 11-12 inch crappie.  All caught on orange jigs.  The lake is turning over and has foam all along the shoreline making for stained water.  We had a great time and took our catch proudly back to the cabins to have a fish fry.

Same pattern the next morning wetting jigs on brush in 12-16ft of water.  Water temp 69 degrees.

This is Kent’s first crappie ever!!!

Carl Blackwell Crappie



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