Birch Lake Hybrids aka Wipers plus a few white bass 5/28/15

Birch Lake Hybrid Striper Wiper

Dom and I went out to shoot a little video on Birch Lake in Oklahoma catching Hybrid Striper and White Bass.  Only managed to fish an hour or so dodging storms.  We had a fun time fishing with Ol’ Ugly Slabs!  The fish really wanted the slab casted out and hopped back.  They would slam the slab on the way down.  Dom had a rough day missing fish…and making the mistake of tightening the drag during a battle with a big fish.  Hmm…I wonder what species it was.  We’ll never know….

Video: Birch Lake in Oklahoma Catching Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass

Video: The Big Hybrid Striper that got away!!!

Birch Lake Hybrid Striper

Hybrid Striper Birch Lake


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