Oologah Lake Blue Catfish – 3/14/16

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish

This morning we had a blue catfish teaching trip on Oologah Lake in Oklahoma with Matthew.  We started out catching fresh gizzard shad just before sunrise and headed out to a mid-depth channel.  We went over some graphing and found a decent school.

It was steady action as we began filling the box for about an hour and then the wind completely shut down.  We had slick water the rest of the morning!  Slick water equals a tough bite almost 100 percent of the time.

I’m glad it was a teaching trip instead of needing to fill the box today.  Matthew went home with a good mess, but nothing like we would have with a good steady breeze.

Most of our fish were caught in the 8-12ft range around a channel.

Oologah Lake blue catfish

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