Drift Fishing For Blue Catfish on Grand Lake in Oklahoma 8/29/15

Drift Fishing for Blue Catfish on Grand Lake in Oklahoma

Grand Lake Oklahoma Blue Catfish Grand Lake Oklahoma Sunset

My college roommate, Ben, and his wife came up to the cabin to help me cut a few trees down.  We go that done and had a few hours of daylight left to go fishing and get the boat slimy with blue catfish.  Three throws of the net and we had plenty of 6-12inch gizzards to feed the blue cat.  We made a run to a deep water flat, dropped the trolling motor, and got 6 lines out.  2 long, 2 med, and 2 suspended.  We tried setting back enjoying the evening, but the rods kept getting hit by good eating sized blues.  Filled the cooler for my buddy and his family a fish fry.  Good times with friends!  Water depth was 20-40ft

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