Grand Lake Blue Catfish 8/12/16

Grand Lake Blue Catfish

Fishing for Grand Lake blue catfish with good friend and customer Eric.  We started out the evening in search of white bass, but after looking at a couple of areas that weren’t holding feeding white bass our sites changed to catfish as we both caught a couple of drum adding them to the cooler.  The white bass were suspended out in deep water and we didn’t want to wait on them to come in for their evening feed.

So off we went to an area that usually holds good blue catfish.  We marked the area and it looked like the blue catfish were holding close to the 25ft mark.  We got set up and it didn’t take long to start putting fish in the boat.  The bite was aggressive and the rods were slamming even with smaller fish.  I believe Eric was getting addicted to the rods slamming to the water!

After catching a cooler full of fish I asked Eric if he wanted to make a final drift before the sunset or run back and check on the white bass.  Without hesitation he said he wanted to catch more catfish!

We rebaited with fresh bait and set up for our final drift in search of Grand Lake blue catfish.  I was telling Eric how a big one will sometimes pull the rod down an little, but then the line will go slack as the catfish swims towards the boat.  They sometimes continue swimming towards the boat or they usually realize somethings up and take off hard the opposite way.

A few minutes later, one of the rods slow pulled down like it had something heavy and then went completely slack.  Eric was like a jackrabbit jumping out of the seat and got to the rod just as it slammed down and peeled drag out.  He struggled to get it out of the rod hold and once he did the fight was on.  This fish had an attitude problem and Eric enjoyed every minute of it.

I reeled in all the rods on that side of the boat and got the net back there just in time to get the angry thrashing Grand Lake blue catfish.

A few quick pics to show off to his buddies and we revived the trophy to let her grow live to be caught again someday.  Good times and a beautiful evening on Grand Lake catching blue catfish!!!  Grand Lake Blue Catfish


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