Oologah Lake Crappie and White Bass – 8/12/16

Oologah Lake Crappie and White Bass

Today, we had first time guests, Tom from New Mexico, on Oologah Lake crappie and white bass fishing.

We started the morning out fishing brush piles 10-14ft deep for crappie.  Lots of short fish this morning and we only caught a couple of keeper crappie the first couple of piles.  I believe it was pile 4 that we finally got on a good bite of good sized crappie.  We were using both minnows on a drop shot rig and soft plastic Crappie Kickers from Fle-Fly.  Both worked today, but I’d have to give the edge to minnows…especially the dead minnows for the larger crappie.  This is typical for mid to late summer crappie on Oologah.  Feed them what they want, not what we want to feed them!

Oologah Lake Crappie Oologah Lake Crappie

After the sun got up high and the crappie stopped playing nice, we headed to catch a few white bass to end the day.  I believe we got Tom hooked on the slashing hard fighting white bass.  He loved catching them and took home a mess of white bass to go along with his crappie.  We started out using minnows, but quickly switched to the slab and fly combo catching two at a time and having a blast doing it.  White bass fishing is addicting for sure!

These guys were great to have on Oologah Lake catching both crappie and white bass!  I look forward to seeing you guys again this spring.

Oologah Lake white bass





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