Oologah Blue Catfish – 3/12/16

Oologah Blue Catfish

Today, we tried everything we could to get the kids on a good blue catfish bite on Oologah Lake in Oklahoma.  We tried shallow, mid-depth, deep river ledges and everything in between.  The fish were extremely scattered and biting very light.  It was a one fish each stop type of day with little to no wind to concentrate the fish.  We had a great time and big fish for the day was 15 pounds.

The biggest surprise for the day was wen I was cleaning fish.  I felt something hard like a mussel shell in the belly of a blue catfish.  I thought the kids would find it fascinating, so I had them come up to watch as I cut the stomach open.  Much to my surprise as I made the cut a head popped out of a turtle shell.  It made every muscle in my body jump and the kids got a really good laugh.  The turtle was not alive, but the pressure made the head shoot out of the shell.  I thought I was going to lose a finger, lol.

Oologah Lake blue catfish

Good times with this group, I just wish the bite would have been better today.


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