White Bass Eagle Mountain Lake 4/17/10

Took 3 guests today on a teaching trip for sand bass.  Started the day going over all the basics on patterns and techniques.  Decided to catch a few fish on a ridge in 24ft of water.  Caught about 40 and they vanished.  Tried to relocate them, but the one’s we found down a ways wouldn’t open their mouths.  Oh did I mention it was pouring the entire time!
We next went to some humps and once again they liked it at 24ft and caught some more fish there.  Decided to show them some other areas and found fish a little deeper at 29ft.  Ended the day somewhere around the 80 to 90 range.  Water temp was around 67 and did I mentioned it poured all day!  The fish did seem to like the radiator slab the most.  I didn’t take too many pics because of the rain and no video today.  Had a blast with these guys and look forward to fishing with them again.

Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass

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