Eagle Mountain White Bass 4/16/10

Eagle Mountain White Bass

Fished 4 new guests today starting at 8:00.  Before I picked them up I decided to play a little and caught some fish blowing up shad just outside of Lakeview.  After picking them up we headed south skipping the boat shows and birds to look for fish on some other areas.  Marked lots of fish, but couldn’t buy a bite so we headed back to the schooling fish and picked up around 50 there.  Then we headed to some humps and nailed them there until they vanished.  Headed back to our first spot where I marked the fish and a boat show was there and a few fish.  The big key for the day was 24 ft of water.  We caught almost every fish out of the100ish fish at that exact depth.  A few fish are still spawning, but most are feeding heavy.  Water temp was 66-68.  The fish scattered at 10:00 and we had to work for bites.  A beautiful day on the water with temps in the 70’s, SE wind 5-10 and cloudy with sprinkles off and on.

Eagle Mountain White Bass

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