Eagle Mountain White Bass 5/7/10

Fished with first time guests Dwight, David and Sam this morning on Eagle Mountain.  The bite was odd and the weather was even more strange to start the day with the wind changing a dozen times from the north to the south over and over and a crazy dark clouded fog rolled over.  The fish were just gill slapping the bait and not eating well until the wind finally made it’s mind up and stayed from the NW.  We had 50 fish on the clicker at 10am and decided to try a spot out  of the gusting wind, but didn’t find any fish.  So, we decided to head for a ridge and battle the wind and we were all glad we did. It took 20 minutes to complete their limits and then we started fun fishing.  Had a little competition going and ended the day with a little over 200 fish caught.  The last hour of the trip was the fastest bite of the year.  Man, I am tired from running the trolling motor in that wind.  Great day on the water and had an absolute blast fishing with these guys.  Hope to do it again soon.Eagle Mountain White Bass Eagle Mountain White Bass Hybrid Striper Eagle Mountain White Bass

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