Grapevine Lake White Bass 5/4/10

Grapevine Lake White Bass

Fished a corporate trip today on Grapevine.  Had to guys from China who had never been fishing before and had no idea what to expect.  They were a riot to have on the boat.  One of them caught 3 doubles in a row and did a nice dance and kissed his fish.  Caught them in 20-24 ft on windblown rocky shoreline.  Found them on the graph and they stayed put all day long.  We left when the bite slowed at one point, but after not finding more fish came back.  It was fish on again! Had a great time watching these two guys catch their first fish ever.  They kept taking pics with their phone and sending them to all their friends.  They said this was their best afternoon in years.

Grapevine Lake White Bass Grapevine Lake White Bass Grapevine Lake White Bass

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