Fort Gibson Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish – 4/3/16

Fort Gibson Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish

For our second group of the day, we had Rob from the Dallas, Texas area up  on Fort Gibson Lake in Oklahoma for his first experience snagging spoonbill paddlefish.

Same story as last weekends second trip…the fish had left the area.  Now what?!?!  We decided to make a long boat ride and see if they had pulled back with the no flow and high boat traffic.  As we got farther down we started seeing more and more fish.  We ventured out into the lake in the large swells and hit a home run.  Huge schools of spoonbill paddlefish!!!  We quickly got the rods out and began catching.  Rob caught on quickly and was listening to the drag peel off in no time.  It’s always fun to have first time guests on board that don’t realize how hard these fish fight and don’t know what to expect.

Rob hooked into what would be his final fish of the day and boy was it a screamer!  This was possibly the hardest fighting fish we’ve ever hooked.  It was a good fish, but his attitude was much bigger than his body.  Good times and Rob’s arms were done!

Fort Gibson Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish Fort Gibson Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish

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