Fort Gibson Spoonbill Paddlefish and Catfish – 3/26/15

Fort Gibson Spoonbill Paddlefish and Catfish

We had Josh and crew from the Edmond area on Fort Gibson Lake to snag spoonbill paddlefish and catch blue catfish.

These guys got their limits of spoonbill paddlefish quick!!!  They let the newbies to snagging go first and we all got a laugh at them trying to reel in the hard fighters.  I believe Aaron got the biggest and Josh went last reeling in the smallest…but decided to keep his for a small dinner later leaving plenty of time to go catch catfish.

We started out fishing a shallow bay, but not takers there.  So out into the channel we went and marked some fish running the edge of the river channel.  We got anchored up in the wind and caught a few fish and we may have missed a few bites also lol.

We had just about an hour of time left to fish and tied up to some trees on the edge of a different section of the river.  We had marked some good fish hanging out with some bait in three consecutive large brush piles.  We threw out baits right up into those piles trying to pull a trophy out of one of them.  We put a few solid fish in the boat…..and lost one really good drag peeling take down that I won’t mention anyone’s name about.

These guys are always a blast to have and we look forward to our next outing.Fort Gibson Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish

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