Keystone Lake White Bass – 3/25/16

Keystone Lake White Bass

Our afternoon trip on Keystone Lake in Oklahoma was Jesse and family from New Mexico, and the goal of the trip was to get their little guy his first fish and hooked on fishing.  Goal accomplished!!!

Keystone Lake Striper White Bass Keystone Lake Striper White Bass

We found a few fish on a hump first thing and got a few in the boat with the little guy going crazy reeling in magnum white bass!!!  They scattered and we went for a boat ride looking for more fish and having fun looking at the wildlife.  A very large group of birds were on the water and took off when they saw us coming.  He thought that was awesome to watch as they all flew off.

We found our way back to almost the same area and found a large school of white bass in feed mode.  Game on until they were ready to head in to go eat supper and get the little guy down for the evening.

Great trip with great customers from New Mexico.  Thanks for letting us be apart of such a fun memory for your family!

Keystone Lake Striper White Bass

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