Grand Lake Catfish 8/20-21/16

Grand Lake Catfish

This weekends fishing trips were catching Grand Lake catfish.

Saturday’s trip was an evening trip with our good friends from Burn Co Barbecue in search of big catfish on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.  My wife and I put the boat in the water to catch bait a little after lunch time.  I threw the net about a dozen times catching some really nice sized gizzard shad to feed Mr. Whiskers.

We then went to a couple of rock piles (humps) to catch a few drum for bait.  It took us about an hour to catch a half dozen decent drum on slabs.  Then it was time to graph out a few areas and see what the catfish were doing.  What we found was bait at all depths and scattered catfish at all depths also…not looking good.  At least we had a good wind, unfortunately, it was a north wind bringing a major August cold front.  Low of 54 tonight, which is really low for  August in Oklahoma.

We picked out crew up at 5pm and headed to our first area to drag baits.  I marked the area a little and found fish and bait holding 25-35 ft deep.  We got set up and the first hour we boated about a dozen good eating sized catfish and missed more than we’d like to admit.

About 6:30pm the bite just stopped.  I moved us to go a little shallow where the wind was blowing in and that was a mistake I made.  It took me about half an hour on that pattern and only catching a couple of fish to realize what had happened.  A light bulb went off and I quickly reeled up heading to deeper water.  With the barometer changing drastically with the cool breeze kicking in the fish had moved out to 45-60ft deep and we were back to catching fish again.

We didn’t get anything big, but had a great time and caught a box full of good eating blue and channel catfish.  Looking forward to our next trip in a few weeks.

Grand Lake Sunrise Grand Lake Sunrise Grand Lake

Sunday, we woke up to cool temps and a slight breeze.  We met our group at the ramp and got going at 6:30am.  Our first area we decided to look at had scattered fish from 20-55ft deep.  See a theme here for the weekend???  Scattered fish.  We set up our first path for dragging baits and immediately were in the fish.  We caught half a dozen at the deeper depths and missed an unreal number of short strikes.  It starts looking like it’s going to be a light bite day for sure.

We moved areas and the wind completely died.  FYI, if the wind lays and the water becomes flat so does the bite.  For the next several hours we did our very best to entice the scattered, now suspended fish, to bite with only a few to put int he box.

About 11am with a couple hours left in the trip we made a long drive to a different area.  Luckily, the wind picked up and put a ripple on the water and the bite picked up some.  This one last drift, we caught another half dozen fish in 12-61ft of water.  Now that’s scattered fish!!!

Great times and beautiful weather on Grand Lake this weekend…I look forward to more concentrated fish as the water cools for the fall/winter feed!!!

Grand Lake Catfish Grand Lake Catfish Grand Lake Bone Fish



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