Oologah Lake Blue Catfish – 8/14/16

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish with new customers, Terrel and Alan, from west Texas.

We started the morning off dragging baits across shallow windblown flats near deep water.  The white bass and blue catfish have been feeding heavily on this pattern for several weeks when the wind is blowing right and today we had the right wind.

For anyone that hasn’t drift fished for blue catfish, the bite can be easy to hook…and difficult depending on their mood.  Let’s just say today was more difficult than easy.  The fish were nibbling more than anything which makes it hard to hook the fish.  The one’s that bite hard were few and far between.  These did great and quickly learned how to get a hook in the finicky fish.

Lots of laughs and good times were had filling the cooler with good eating Oologah catfish.  We used a variety of baits today with all of them working.  I think if we could have gotten away with using smaller baits today we would have caught a few more, but the smaller baits get pecked off quickly by the feeding white bass.

Most of our fish were caught in 10-20ft of water, but we did venture out to a 40ft flat and caught a couple.

Looking forward to having you guys again next weekend!!!

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish



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