Kaw Lake Blue Catfish – 12/23/15

We met our good friends at Kaw Lake to eat, have fun, and of course the guys went chasing blue catfish!

Kaw Lake Blue Catfish Kaw Lake Blue Catfish Kaw Lake Blue Catfish

We didn’t have great conditions, but we made the best of it anyway.  The lake is up, so they started releasing a good amount of water the morning we got there…oh and the wind hit the 35mph mark making it a tad sporty on the water.

We did manage to find an area out of the big swells holding blue catfish and put the little man on them.  We had a great time catching dinner.  The fish were caught were in a little creek channel gorging on small gizzard shad.  Once we found feeding fish the action was fast with multiple rods going down all at the same time.  We had trouble getting them baited and back out to catch another.

The fish were not big today and that didn’t matter one bit.  Just fun putting youngsters on fish making memories and planting the seed for a love of the outdoors.


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