Oologah Lake Blue Catfish – 1/1/16

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish

Happy New Year’s from Lance’s Guide Service on Oologah Lake!!!!

Today, I met a good friend, Larry Wine, on Oologah Lake in search of blue catfish.  Really, it was a scouting trip for the two of us checking out the flooded winter pattern.

We began our day mid lake venturing south focusing on figuring out the bait locations, where the blue catfish are feeding, and how big are the schools of blue catfish.

Down south was loaded with small gizzard shad all in the upper third of the water column.  Down below were small groups of blue catfish and some other species, but after scanning for a couple hours we never found active feeding blue catfish.

Time to close the windshield and make a run up to mid-lake.  After graphing several areas and not finding bait or fish we decided to head to some flooded areas.  After another hour of graphing we finally found bait…and feeding blue catfish!!!

We threw our rods out baited with fresh cut gizzard shad and FISH ON!!!Oologah Lake blue catfish

We had multiple doubles on and had a great time!  The fish were relating to a creek channel and we marked them using side imaging.  Small groups of bait were getting busted up and you could see the blue catfish feeding on side image in 12ft of water.  The key as always, find the feeding fish!

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