Kaw Lake Blue Catfish – 4/10/16

Fishing for Blue Catfish on Kaw Lake in Oklahoma

It was a windy windy day on Kaw Lake in Oklahoma chasing blue catfish with Glenn and crew today.

Bait was easy and off we went to see if they were up shallow where the wind was blowing in.  We got a good fish really quick and then the wind blew us off our anchor.

We decided to move to a slightly less windblown area and caught a couple of smaller fish, so we decided to go back and try the windier area again.  Mistake!  The wind had kicked up harder and we failed to get a good anchor even with the big box anchor.  Time to reevaluate our situation.

We decided to completely switch areas of the lake and patterns.  This was just not going to work today with our 25-35 mph winds.  So, we decided to try fishing wind tunnel coves.  This pattern has worked for us before during similar situations and it worked today.  This pattern will not typically produce large numbers of fish, but each stop will get a few…and that’s the situation we had today.  We had to bounce around from area to area picking off the active fish and moving on.

We had a blast with these guys two weekends in a row and look forward to the next adventure together.

Kaw Lake Blue Catfish Kaw Lake Blue Catfish

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