Oologah Lake Shallow Water Blue Catfish and White Bass Sand Bass- 4/8-10/16

Oologah Lake Shallow Water Blue Catfish and White Bass Sand Bass

We fished Oologah Lake for shallow water blue catfish and spawning white bass/sand bass for 3 days with our good friends and customers, Don, Roger, and Rod.  These guys come down every year at the same time from Minnesota, Iowa, and Kentucky and every year they’ve timed the bite just right!!!

We started out fishing Friday afternoon and it was GAME ON from the very start.  One stop shop and got their limits of blue catfish quickly.  These guys are always a blast to have in the boat.  Roger brought some pick spleens to give a try, but the catfish didn’t want any of it even though Don was bent on it working.  Fresh gizzard shad was what they wanted.

Day 1

Oologah Lake blue catfish

Same story the next day.  Limits of shallow water blue catfish quickly.  They made it look easy…or rather Don and Rod made it look easy.

Day 2 morning

Oologah Lake blue catfish

Since we had plenty of time left in the day, we decided to go put in the river to see if we could find some spoonbill paddlefish or white bass/sand bass to catch.  We scanned a large portion of the river and did not find enough spoonbill paddlefish to snag.  With our rain this past weekend, they must have made the move up.  So, we made the run up to find some white bass.  I hadn’t been to the upper end of Oologah to catch spawning sand bass in years, but not much has changed, luckily.

After setting the trolling motor down and giving a quick how to, it was fish on.  Now, Roger didn’t catch many blue catfish this morning, but he put a whooping on everyone in the white bass department.  We boated over a hundred sand bass and he caught at least half of them.  Don, who ran his mouth this morning, was oddly quiet in the back of the boat as Rogers drag on the light action rod just kept screaming.  Roger just were a smirk, not saying much, and enjoying every hook set!!!

They really preferred the 1 inch pearl GoGo Minnow from Fle-Fly tonight.  We caught some on the larger 2″ model and other colors, but not like the small pearl.  We stopped after a couple of hours and headed in to get some much needed dinner and rest.

Day 2 evening

Oologah Lake white bass sand bass

For day 3, they decided to put a time limit of 10am on our trip this morning, so they could get on the road and checked out of their hotel on time.  It wasn’t fast and furious like the day before, but we got a couple limits before time to go and left them biting.

These guys are a blast and we look forward to another adventure next year!!!

Oologah Lake blue catfish

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