Oologah Lake Blue Catfish 8/13/16

Oologah Lake Blue Catfish

Oologah Lake blue catfish showed off this morning for a great group of guys this morning.

With the wind blowing hard out of the north, we headed to an area of the lake I haven’t fished in a long time to set up a drift dragging baits around feeding white bass catching the feeding blue catfish.  We drifted at .5-.7mph dragging baits in 8-24ft of water.  This pattern is a fun pattern to fish because you get all size ranges of blue catfish.  The eating sized blue catfish are feeding on the busted up shad that the white bass injure and the trophy blues move in eating the distracted feeding white bass.  We had one nice blue catfish puke up an 11 inch white bass today…

We started our first drift catching a dozen or so nice blue catfish getting everyone on the board except for Brett(the one that booked the trip).

As we set up for the next drift over a house foundation, the guys talked Brett, who wanted to watch the others catch, into getting in the hot seat and getting the next fish.  About a minute into the drift a big blue catfish slammed the rod down and the battle was on.  Several guys helped me get other rods out of the way and we got him in the net.  High five and fist bump time!

Oologah Lake blue catfish

Oologah Lake blue catfish

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Brett said he was done and went to the front of the boat to let the others play after his trophy.  Next up

was another good fish.Oologah Lake blue catfishThese guys caught blue catfish all morning long and we all had a great time.  Nothing like having 8 comedians on a boat catching catfish!!!



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