Oologah Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish – 1/10/13

Oologah Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish

At Oologah Lake catching spoonbill paddlefish with our 2015 Facebook Giveaway trip winners, the Larson’s.

It was 9 degrees as we launched the boat this morning into a steamy Oologah Lake in search of big spoonbill paddlefish.  We took the time to put the full top on the boat and hook up the heater for this trip…brrrr.

Spoonbill Paddlefish Hook Frozen

If you haven’t been winter trolling for spoonbill paddlefish before you don’t realize what you’re missing.

We are always asked, “how do we know we get a “bite”, or snag one?”  Well, its violent and exhilarating and you just know when it happens.

The fish were a little scattered and it took a few minutes to get the first one on, but when we figured out the correct speed and weight, it was fish on!  The Larson’s went home sore landing 6 or 7 and having multiple others pull off midway through battle.

Spoonbill Paddlefish Oologah Lake Spoonbill Paddlefish Oologah Lake


The heater and top kept us warm not to mention the blood warming battles of reeling in the spoonbill paddlefish.

Oologah does not have the monster sized spoonbill paddlefish that other area lakes have, but it does have great population of 15-40 pounders providing lots of action.

Spoonbill Paddlefish Oologah Lake

Thank you for the great day on the water and congratulations to our 2015 Facebook Giveaway winners, the Larson’s!!!

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